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Digital Inspection Platform

UL’s Digital Inspection Platform is designed to automate and streamline the inspection process for businesses managing wind turbine or factory inspections. Developed to take the inspection process into the digital era, this solution eliminates the administrative work and time delays associated with paper-based inspections by making the entire process digital. Using a web-based interface and mobile app, your inspection teams will be able to manage the entire process from project setup to reporting, resulting in the ability to focus on inspection results more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

Access Data Quickly

See how Digital Inspection Platform can simplify your life.

Advanced team management

Create inspection teams, set up roles and permissions, and manage workflow in a cloud-based application.

Flexible templating system

Model whatever you need to inspect using templates. Easily build components and add inspection objects to whatever you need to capture on-site.

Easy-to-manage digital checklists

Determine what criteria belongs in your checklists, then easily navigate the checklist in our mobile app. Capture images, and add notes and recommendations directly in your app checklist.

Built-in notifications

Never miss an inspection. Receive notifications if a new checklist is assigned or completed.

Convenient offline use

Perform inspections on your mobile device without an internet connection.

Fast reporting

Instantly generate result summaries and customizable reports.

Multiple Devices

Create many types of wind roses, including frequency by direction, mean value of any data column by direction, total wind energy by direction, and even polar scatterplots.

Remote Inspections

Plot frequency histograms for any data column. For wind speed data columns, Windographer overlays the best-fit Weibull distribution.


The Web Application

UL’s Digital Inspection Platform is a fully customizable application that allows your team to efficiently implement and manage the inspection process in a secure cloud-based environment. Upon login, users can access account information based on their role. Managers can set up the appropriate inspection model along with site specific details, as well as organize work flows, define roles and permissions, track inspections, and deploy inspection checklists through a mobile app. Once a field inspection is complete, users upload their findings to the web-based platform and can quickly generate inspection reports and result summaries.


The Mobile App

UL’s Digital Inspection Platform comes with a mobile app that acts as the onsite extension of the web application. It provides field teams with the ability to perform site inspections offline using any Android-based mobile device. The app guides inspectors through checklist fields and hierarchies and gives them the ability to capture photographs, make notes and recommendations, and add questionnaires that are specific to the site. Once the inspection is complete the user can securely upload their findings o the web-based platform where the data is used to generate reports.


Efficient all-in-one solution

UL’s Digital Inspection Platform provides you with the most efficient way to manage your entire inspection process by digitalizing the entire process and keeping necessary steps to a minimum. UL will help you: Eliminate paper checklists and time spent on data entry. Quickly review your data after the inspections are uploaded. Generate automated reports that might otherwise have taken days or weeks to prepare

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