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Decisions made during project development are crucial to long-term success. UL helps clients navigate complexities and mitigate risk in the earliest stages of development by providing access to proven science, expert engineering, the best available data and software, and a full range of innovative solutions. We work with your team in the way that makes the most sense – either as a technical advisor or by providing access to resource data, online services, and advanced software enabling your team to do the work itself.

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Leading in Solar Energy

UL is a trusted independent technical advisory, testing, inspection and certification body to the solar energy industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of solar services empower trust throughout the project lifecycle and across the value chain. UL’s technical advisory services help stakeholders plan, design, finance, build, invest, operate, maintain, and manage solar energy projects. Services range from verification, inspection and risk assessment to testing and certification for materials, components, products and systems. Our deep understanding of codes and standards enables active assistance issues and potential conflicts between codes and installation requirements. With a team of over 500 experts and 35 years of experience UL helps stakeholders mitigate risk and navigate complexities associated with solar energy technologies.

Forecasting for Energy Integration

UL provides renewable energy forecasting services for over 70 GW of centralized and distributed wind and solar generation capacity across the world, including two-thirds of the capacity in North America. As the leading forecasting provider for grid operations in North America we are uniquely equipped to meet the high security and reliability our customers demand.

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